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Project Highlights

LEG has successfully completed numerous construction management and inspection projects and has supplied over $4M of piping, valves, fittings, and associated appurtenances to the engineering and construction industries.

Construction Management (CM) – Prime Consultants

for Aquarion Water Company (AWC) of Connecticut

For multiple projects, LEG has overseen contracts let by AWC, acting as its owner representative  to assure all installations meet appropriate engineering plans and specifications:

  • $50M upgrade to existing water treatment facility (20MGD) in Greenwich, CT
    • Led construction management for all aspects of the project, including a new chemical storage and supply building, new 2MG concrete clearwell, pump stations, new and modified roofing systems, state of the art instrumentation and controls, chemical addition, process improvements, complete electrical upgrades, new pumping systems, structural repairs to 90-year-old structures, extensive landscaping, and large demolition of existing systems and structures – all while maintaining plant operations.
  • Over 6 years of Inspection Management services covering 100,000+ linear ft. of water main & appurtenances throughout AWC’s water distribution system
    • Water main replacements and relocations have ranged from 4″ to 48″ in diameter, hydrant relocations, new service connections, valve installations, pressure regulators, and pump station modifications.
  • Construction Management of several water system pump stations owned by AWC
  • Inspection of water storage tanks at several system locations in Connecticut
  • Prime CM on $1M solar panel and electrical supply systems installation


Construction Management – Sub Consultants

  • On $50M, 24MGD, dissolved air flotation water treatment plant, Stamford, CT
    Prime = Hazen and Sawyer Engineers, P.C. LEG assisted in the daily CM services and led the final stages of construction management for substantial and final completion of the project.
  • On Westchester County Joint Waterworks Construction Inspection Services for Water Main Improvements
    Prime = Dvirka and Bartilucci. LEG managed field inspection services for the Prime consultant on this project.



  • Start-up operations for Stamford Water Treatment Plant
    • Included coordination, scheduling, and training of all construction disciplines and operations staff for smooth transition of all activities related to pre, active, and post start-up of the facility
  • Developed operations and maintenance manual for Stamford Water Treatment Plant and Briarcliff Manor Pump Station
  • Permitting for improvements to Putnam Water Treatment Plant, Greenwich, CT
  • Development/execution of Large Meter Testing Program for AWC
    • Program includes in situ meter testing for determination of meter accuracies and identification of unaccounted water and/or non-revenue water within AWC’s supply systems
    • In addition, LEG identifies capital needs to perform testing and it manages capital installations as directed by AWC
    • Site specific operating procedures and recommendations for future testing developed for AWC internal use
    • Meter testing is performed using turbine test meters and ultrasonic test meters as appropriate to meter installations, regulations, and clients needs
    • LEG’s staff is factory trained and certified for the use of turbine and ultrasonic test meters


Environmental and Civil Support, Studies, and Permitting
– Sub Consulting

  • NYS Thruway Authority – New Tappan Zee Bridge, Hudson River Crossing Prime = Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC, Sub Consulting Engineer = HDR, Inc.
    • Sediment / Erosion Control Inspections for construction work (east & west shorelines)
    • Local Permitting Assistance for relocation of Thruway Authority Personnel
  • NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), various projects
    • Dependability Study – evaluation of NYC’s current and future water supply system to advance the City’s water service for the next 100 years
      Prime = CDM/H&S
    • Digester Defoamant Demonstration Testing at Hunts Point & Wards Island WWTP
      Prime = H&S/CH2MHill
    • Aqueduct Connection and Environmental Support Services
      Environmental Impact Statement for the Delaware Aqueduct Bypass Tunnel under the Hudson River, Putnam County, New York
      Prime = HDR
    • Combined Sewer Overflow Flow Monitoring Study
      Prime = UTB/ADS
    • Review of Ashokan Release EIS, Natural Resource Studies, Permit Assistance
      Prime = Gannett Fleming/H&S
  • NYC Department of Design and Construction
    • Environmental Reviews and Permit Application Assistance for Various Projects
      Prime = H&S/AKRF
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